Scoreless Music was birthed from a passion to spread the ease of playing the piano keyboard for christian worship through an inspired method that allows just about anyone to start, and for a diligent person to attain mastery that will allow them to serve in music ministries.

The Scoreless Music Method was developed and refined over several decades. With this new website and approach to freely give what has been freely given, the hope is that as many as possible will start their musical journeys without the usual worries of inflexible class schedules and starting costs.

How is it that there are no class fees for this house-call, one-to-one music coaching of unlimited sessions? It was during a worship service that I felt God give the direction and the words, “In this season of the latter rain, trust in my goodness, and the generosity of the saints.” Therefore, there are no charges at all for all services rendered. We just accept freewill offerings and giving as support.